XFai and Seeder Finance — sowing the seeds for a partnership with strong roots.

XFai is pleased to bring to you a DEX partnership with Seeder Finance. Seeder Finance is a fair-launch yield farming and play-to-earn protocol, which allows for yield farming on Binance Smart Chain. Through the partnership, the Seeder Finance’s community of Seedians will be able to benefit from an array of DeFi benefits facilitated by the innovations of XFai’s groundbreaking DEX.

XFai Expansion in Asia

With stable TVL and the need to manage their liquidity in DEX tradings for their users, it was natural for them to find a project such as XFai.

Through the design of XFai’s DEX, Seeders will be able to trade and swap $LEAF for every other token on the DEX — and vice versa — using XFai’s innovations that allow for every token on the DEX to be interchangeable. This allows Seeder Finance increased liquidity for $LEAF, without the need to relinquish a huge percentage of their tokens to a CEX.

“XFai is pleased to welcome Seeder Finance, an exciting and innovative yield farming protocol that aims to nourish the long-term DeFi ecosystem and make participation easier for everyone. We’re excited to see Seeder Finance and $LEAF on our DEX, through a partnership that will benefit both XFIT holders and Seeders and sow the seeds for the future”

Taulant Ramabaja — Chief Scientist at XFai.

XFai’s upcoming DEX aims to maximize token holder returns and create more efficient markets. Not only will the $LEAF holders be able to benefit from the advantages of the DEX such as slippage minimization and capital efficiency, but they will also be able to utilize XFai’s one-sided liquidity provisioning to earn rewards by providing $LEAF as liquidity to pool. LPs will earn $XFIT as rewards, which can then be swapped for any other token on the DEX, including $LEAF — through the DEX’s groundbreaking design.

“Seeder Finance aims to provide an innovative solution through DeFi, where it now focuses on GameFi’s play-to-earn model bridging on-chain and off-chain game plays to bring the best of both worlds. Partnering with XFai will help Seeders bridge $LEAF to other crypto assets at the better rates and avoiding problems like sandwich BOT front running the transaction”-

Joe — Chief strategist at Seeder Finance

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