XFai to Expand to Binance Smart Chain

Following the previous announcement about possible chain expansion, the team at XFai has been closely monitoring the entire blockchain space to select the most appropriate candidates. Today, we are excited to announce that XFai will be expanding to Binance Smart Chain. The new expansion will also come with community rewards in the form of airdrop to the current and continuing participants of the XFai Liquidity Generation Event (LGE) and farming with XFai.

Supporting Emerging Projects on BSC

XFai believes that its new proposition into early market dynamics and the putting of higher importance on liquidity rather than unrealizable price peaks can positively impact the new wave of projects with promising fundamentals and revolutionary technology. XFai plans to launch a similar structure as it did on the Ethereum blockchain, and optimize few parts of the structure to best fit the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem.

Community Rewards for Current Farmers

  • Amount of LP held
  • Duration of LGE participation
  • Dripped XFIT reward held (not sold)

At the end of stage 1 of the XFai LGE — coming to a completion soon — a snapshot will be taken to take an accurate measure of the above consideration factors. We will in the near future release an update to the webapp whereby you will see how much you will get on BSC. Following the consideration criteria, users will be able to claim airdrops at the time of XFai’s complete expansion into Binance Smart Chain. The community rewards program is expected to further increase the profits of the liquidity farmers involved in the stage 1 of the Xfai LGE. This rewards longterm farmers disproportionally.

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