XFai Secures over 5 Million USD in Liquidity Fund

In preparation for the launch of our LGE, which brings liquidity, high APY returns, and reduces slippage alongside gas fees, XFai is now excited to announce that it has worked with several long-term partners to secure over 5 million USD of liquidity. The initial liquidity fund is to be injected into the LGE and over the course of 6 months to ensure that the early stage of $XFIT token journey is bolstered and protected.

Investing in the Long Term Success

The partners who committed over 5 million USD into the XFai LGE have clearly sent a different, more hopeful signal to the current ecosystem. It is a testament to everyone’s desire to do things differently and to align the interest of projects and investors for the long-term success of the industry and its projects while maintaining strong consistent returns for investors. With a significant amount of funds already committed over a minimum 6 months period, XFai’s liquidity provision partners have cast their support and vote of confidence into XFai’s technology and the future of $XFIT over the long term.

Liquidity Provisioning as a testament to considerable growth

Projects have often attempted to bring their investors in for liquidity provisioning at launch. The level of support in a recent, well-known project raised just under 2m for its provisioning and gained 60x returns. XFai’s industry smashing raise of over 5 million USD for liquidity provisioning ensures that long-term support is in place for XFIT also all but ensuring considerable gains for retail participants. The larger the pool commitment, the stronger and more long-term the belief in the project by industry leaders, the tighter the protection for retail and therefore the higher the multiples for return.

Unifying Institutions and Retail Investors

The raised liquidity fund will participate in liquidity mining, side-by-side with the retail investors. This is one of the most unique instances in which institutional investors are working alongside retail investors in harmony for the same goal — supporting the XFai ecosystem and the industry at large. With a significantly longer commitment period of 6 months in comparison to the no lock-up given to retail participants of the XFai LGE, the liquidity provision partners are giving confidence into not only the success of the upcoming XFai LGE but also the future growth of $XFIT.

We would like to thank the XFai liquidity provision partners who are committed to making the XFai LGE a resounding success and look forward to welcoming every interested supporter at the LGE, happening in a matter of a few hours.

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