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Good Day X-Force,

Another eXciting week for the XFai team! We recently announced our partnership with Seeder.Finance and we updated the community on the latest development progress and business progress in our Weekly Update and to top it all off the market is looking green again!

We understand that the community still has lots of questions and we have listened. Welcome to the Q&A which allows us to answer pressing questions from the community.

The questions may seem limited but we will address the most important and sought out questions, and yes, of course, we will have regular Q&A posts as well as scheduled AMAs so continue to STAY TUNED!

Let’s get right into it!

Q1. Who are the team and how can you pull it off?

XFai is composed of developers and business development from the blockchain space. With Geoffrey Khan and Aron Dutta to guide us in the DeFi space, we have Taulant Ramabaja, Chief Scientist at XFai to develop the main engine for XFai DEX. With experience in smart contracts and Web 3 protocols, he is dedicated to mathematically prove various new DeFi primitives.

Q2. What is the next goal of XFai?

Where do we begin!? To keep it short, we aim to be the next generation DEX of the DeFi space. With our new architectural design, tokens will have access to the same liquidity and smart contract services that only “big” cap tokens can get.

We will give small-cap tokens an “energy boost” for them to grow and have the “stamina — liquidity” to become the next innovative protocol.

Q3. What are the main advantages of XFai?

The advantages of XFai are the following:

  1. Each is directly swappable with every other token. As a result, new projects require less liquidity to bootstrap.
  2. More capital efficiency — All liquidity providers will receive rewards whenever their token is swapped with other tokens.
  3. XFai is chain agnostic. We will deploy the DEX on as many EVM-compatible chains as possible.

Q4. Will there be a test net?

As with all new products, the XFai DEX will require a test period prior to launch. The DEX will initially be launched as a test net. A clean, easy to use and smooth execution on the UI/UX will add to the ease of use for our DEX. To achieve this, we are going to have selected users to test our new product. We will choose users based on their experience with swaps and liquidity providing.

We aim to launch it within Q1 of 2022, but hopefully making allowing BETA access by the end of December after all audits are complete.

Q5. What is the roadmap in 2021?

As of August, we have been focussing on two things:

  1. Tech and Platform Development
  • On the Development side, we are at the final stage of refining the equations and mechanisms to operate flawlessly. Once we are happy with the security of our DEX, we aim to have the rough UI/UX design and implementation.

2. Business Development

  • We aim to expand in different regions. We have Asia in mind for now as Asia is starting to pick up the “DeFi Summer” vibe, and we plan to anchor a few DeFi players in the space that can pave us to different projects.

That’s it for now. Make sure to stay safe and wait for more eXciting news.

About XFai

XFai develops tooling for the DeFi space, graphing it to build game-changing products. The XFai DEX is set to invite mid and small-cap tokens to start earning APY on their token holdings, while the XFai LGE is set to become industry-first in providing a more efficient, transparent, and fair way for everyone to get involved at an early stage. The LGE for XFai’s native token, XFIT, was launched on 16th April 2021. We invite everyone to join the DeFi revolution, spearheaded by XFai.

Reach XFai

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XFai develops tooling for the DeFi space – we graph the DeFi space to build game-changing products. Starting with the DLO: the DEX Liquidity Oracle