XFai LGE: Gas Fee Reimbursement Program

During the first hours of the Day 1 of the XFai LGE, the overwhelming demand from the supporters of XFai effectively rendered the Ethereum chain almost unusable by taking more than 25% of the global Ethereum network demand. While the high demand allowed XFai to witness the sheer force of the community, it also meant that some community members could not complete the transactions. These community members had to pay ETH gas fee on failed transactions, when this should not have happened. To take full responsibility and show our appreciation for the community, the XFai team has decided to reimburse 100% of the gas fee paid by the community members affected by this particular problem on Day 1 of the LGE..

Reimbursing the Gas Fee

An email will be sent to all those who filled out the form, with either reimbursement information or description of why the user has not qualified for the reimbursement program. All decisions are final, unless the user is able to produce further proof.

Measuring the Impact

The extensive research revealed that out of the 153 responses, 23 failed transactions have occurred due to the UI bug. That is about 15.03% of those who submitted a Google form, which translates to an extremely small percentage of the entire LGE participants.

Majority of the responses showed that the LGE participant did approve the contract, yet simply did not initiate the next farming step, possibly due to the LGE being their first time in liquidity mining, and perhaps their first time in DEX exposure.

The next biggest group of the total responses showed that these people simply did not have enough ETH in their wallets. This data can be seen by the “out of gas” error message, along with the fact that their set gas limit was incredibly low in comparison to the normal gas limit. Possible explanations may suggest that these users have had DEX exposure previously, yet have never participated in liquidity farming before and thus were unable to calculate the accurate gas costs.

The smallest minority of the group are either those who have simply dropped and replaced their pending transactions with a new one, or those who were using third-party tools other than Metamask in which the third-party tool in use failed to account properly for the gas fee.

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