Team Highlight: Aron Dutta

3 min readMar 19, 2021


Today, we are proud to introduce Aron Dutta, an exceptional Growth and Strategy Guru, who is spearheading XFai’s revolutionary innovations in the DeFi sphere.

Aron is an innovator and a paradigm leader who has expertise in blockchain strategy development and deployment. His insightful growth initiatives while at Cisco , as their Managing Director-Global Head of Thought Leadership and Global VP & Senior Partner at IBM Blockchain, were born from effective analysis, evaluation and razor sharp execution. His ability to marry broad industry leading vision alongside careful attention to minutiae has made him one of the pivotal voices in the industry.

Aron has over 35 years of experience in various operating and leadership roles in strategy, technology innovation, strategic consulting, and entrepreneurial ventures. Aron’s track record, breadth and depth demonstrated by taking companies from inception as a co-founder to being listed on NASDAQ has placed Aron as one of the most experienced industry leaders and makes him one of those unique individuals who can reach both those inside and outside the DeFi industry to come together for realizing the vision of a better tomorrow.

Aron’s expertise has shaped many of the systems that are currently being used around the world. At the Department of Defense, Aron worked on mission-critical real time systems as a research scientist. At Wall Street, he architected platforms for real-time computerized trading that run the world’s financial engines today. Arons involvement as one of the architects that designed the NASDAQ trading systems, connecting it to global liquidity pools, is of key relevance to XFai and its vision to optimize liquidity and similarly revolutionize the DeFi space.

XFai benefits from Arons visionary insight for which he is sought out globally for amongst the highest circles. As a thought leader he is a research matter expert at the Davos World Economic Forum “Future of Finance” and was also a key member of The Government of Bermuda IP Task Force for Digital Assets & IP Sovereignty, where he steered the advancement of Bermuda’s regulatory environment for tokens, cryptocurrencies and digital asset offerings.

An astute Strategic Planner and visionary, Aron has shown his grit in a range and scope that is nothing short of outstanding. His decades of experience, ability to dream big and execute with precision make Aron an undeniably tenacious part of XFai. We are excited to have Aron spurring XFai and galvanizing its growth.

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