Farm with XFai, Win Exclusive Allocations: Upcoming Features for XFai Community

With the stage 1 of the XFai LGE (Liquidity Generation Event) successfully concluded with a peak TVL of over $21 Million USD, XFai has been continuing to develop both technical and commercial solutions to benefit those within the XFai community. With the course set for XFai to become one of the best farming platforms with world class features and incentives, we believe now is the time to share the upcoming features with our community. Today, we are excited to share Exclusive Allocation Incentive Program for Farmers, and upcoming DLO Partnerships.

Farm with XFai, Win Exclusive Allocations

Starting today (May 15, 2021), all farmers in XFai are eligible to win exclusive allocations. There is no need to apply, as all wallets currently farming with XFai will be put into a weighted, random lottery. The weight of an individual farmer is calculated in the following manner, in which nLP stands for the amount of LP in the user’s wallet, and nF(d) represents the duration of the wallet’s farming, denoted in days:

Following the calculation, the chance of an individual farmer winning an exclusive allocation is calculated in the following way, in which Cᵢ represents the chance of an individual farmer winning.

The exclusive allocations can be both public sale allocation or private sale allocation, granting XFai farmers the opportunity to win highly competitive public sale allocations, or benefit from the discount rate of private sale allocations. All upcoming allocation opportunities will be announced individually, starting with the first allocation opportunity on May 17, 2021.

Upcoming DLO Partnerships

The strong interest in the DLO not only confirms our belief that many projects are suffering from the exact issues that the DLO resolves, but also gives a sense of excitement and bullishness in the upcoming performance of XFai as the DLO generates revenue that will be put into the buy-and-make strategy of XFIT. We are looking forward to becoming one of the leading farming tokens in the entire industry, as expected by the amount of interest XFai has already generated within the ecosystem.

More Announcements

We thank you for being a part of the DeFi revolution, spearheaded by XFai. Happy farming, and stay tuned!

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