Announcing the DLO Partnership Program

XFai is delighted to announce the launch of the DLO Partnership Program. This program will leverage the unique value offering of the XFai DLO (DEX Liquidity Oracle) to invite small and medium cap tokens to the DeFi space, while offering the project and the token holders participation in one-sided liquidity provision while earning significant APY based on DEX transaction volumes. More than 50 projects have been identified as potential DLO partners since before the LGE, with more than 10 projects having joined the DLO partnership program. Individual partnership will be announced and highlighted in the coming days.

Making a Fairer DeFi Ecosystem

The XFai DLO onboards small and medium cap token projects and holders to partake in one-sided liquidity provision, which flows into the DEX liquidity book. The DLO charts the liquidity and the order book depth of CEX, and creates a synthetic curve. The collected liquidity generated by the token holders is balanced with a stablecoin pair by XFai which then flows into the DEX, creating an optimized trading ecosystem with minimum slippage. In return, the liquidity providers will be able to earn increased APY.

Supporting Long-Term Growth of Partners

The XFai DLO challenges this idea and offers a revolutionary solution. Token holders are able to perform one-sided liquidity provision in a similar manner as staking. The APY is generated from Uniswap trading that would become popular due to low slippage, creating a higher APY than project-run staking while lifting the economic burden from the projects. The APY, dripped in the native token of the partnered project, can then be sold into the market for the token holder to realize profit, allowing profit realization without the need to sell the original principle.

Benefits for XFIT Holders

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