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XFai develops tooling for the DeFi space – we graph the DeFi space to build game-changing products. Starting with the DLO: the DEX Liquidity Oracle

XFai is delighted to announce the launch of the DLO Partnership Program. This program will leverage the unique value offering of the XFai DLO (DEX Liquidity Oracle) to invite small and medium cap tokens to the DeFi space, while offering the project and the token holders participation in one-sided liquidity provision while earning significant APY based on DEX transaction volumes. More than 50 projects have been identified as potential DLO partners since before the LGE, with more than 10 projects having joined the DLO partnership program. Individual partnership will be announced and highlighted in the coming days.

Making a Fairer DeFi Ecosystem

The current DeFi…

During the first hours of the Day 1 of the XFai LGE, the overwhelming demand from the supporters of XFai effectively rendered the Ethereum chain almost unusable by taking more than 25% of the global Ethereum network demand. While the high demand allowed XFai to witness the sheer force of the community, it also meant that some community members could not complete the transactions. These community members had to pay ETH gas fee on failed transactions, when this should not have happened. …

Today saw the launch of the much-anticipated XFai Liquidity Generation Event (LGE). At 13:00 UTC on April 16, XFai opened its doors to welcome liquidity farmers who have been waiting to be involved in this unique opportunity. The Potentializer successfully kept the price of XFIT stable within the $0.10 — $0.20 range to bring maximum benefits for the liquidity farmers. However, due to the extremely high demand that saw XFai take up 25% of the global demand on Ethereum, some users experienced certain friction while attempting to stake their liquidity. After the valuable feedback from various community members and reading…

In preparation for the launch of our LGE, which brings liquidity, high APY returns, and reduces slippage alongside gas fees, XFai is now excited to announce that it has worked with several long-term partners to secure over 5 million USD of liquidity. The initial liquidity fund is to be injected into the LGE and over the course of 6 months to ensure that the early stage of $XFIT token journey is bolstered and protected.

Investing in the Long Term Success

In most traditional TGE (Token Generation Event), as soon as the launch begins, the investors and the project are pegged in an adversarial relationship. The project…

With less than 24 hours to go until the much-awaited XFai LGE (Liquidity Generation Event), the team at XFai would like to take this moment to thank our supporters and community members for being a part of the DeFi revolution. The amount of support we have received from both the community and the institutional investors has been truly phenomenal. We look forward to welcoming you as the very first group of $XFIT holders in less than 24 hours.

However, this also means that there are some precautions that must be taken by you in order to protect your investment. Please…

The XFai team is thrilled to announce that the XFai IDO will be held on Ignition Launchpad on April 29, 2021. The whitelist will open at 11.30 AM UTC on April 14, 2021 and close on April 17, 2021, giving interested participants 3 days to apply to be whitelisted for the XFai IDO on Ignition Launchpad.

In order to provide a fair participation method while reducing the gas war that often costs participants thousands of dollars solely on gas fee, XFai has partnered with Ignition Launchpad to facilitate the whitelist lottery.

XFai Ignition Launchpad IDO Whitelist Lottery

The XFai Ignition…

During the past few weeks, XFai has witnessed an overwhelming amount of support and interest from investors, partners, and the community. The initial interest witnessed during the private sale was extremely high with $3.8 million USD being raised in just under 12 hours, followed by the explosive growth of the community since then which has been truly phenomenal. In preparation for the upcoming XFai Liquidity Generation Event (LGE) scheduled for launch on April 15, XFai is launching the Smart Chain Rewards Program, designed to significantly reward those who continue to support the XFai ecosystem and the DeFi revolution it brings.

Expanding to Secondary Smart Chain

GBV Capital, one of the leading blockchain and digital asset venture capital firms in Asia, has announced its partnership with XFai through a strategic investment. Through the partnership, GBV Capital is opening the dialogue for improving liquidity for hundreds of small and mid-cap tokens, while supporting XFai’s mechanism that empowers such a dialogue.

The current DeFi ecosystem offered for many traders has been frustrating, negatively impacted by the likes of high gas fee, failed transactions, and large slippage while the traders had to foot the bill themselves. …

The XFai team is thrilled to announce that the XFai IDO will be held on Poolz on April 29, 2021. Round one of the whitelist will open at 12:30 PM UTC on April 7, 2021, providing an opportunity for all the interested participants to be a part of the XFai community.

In order to provide a fair participation method while reducing the gas war that often costs participants thousands of dollars solely on gas fee, XFai has partnered with Poolz to facilitate the whitelist lottery.

XFai Poolz IDO Whitelist Lottery

The XFai Poolz IDO whitelist will open at 12:30 PM UTC on April 7, 2021…

Within the DeFi space, bot attacks have been an unavoidable plague for most new token launches. While most bot attacks during the early stage of a token launch have been so far dismissed by many as a part of the system, the bot attacks have often left traders and liquidity miners at a significant disadvantage to their pump and dump strategies. XFai is stepping up to develop a series of counter-bot measures to protect the community in preparation of the upcoming XFai Liquidity Generation Event (LGE), while setting an important precedent for the DeFi ecosystem.

Here are a few examples…

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